Film, Television and Digital Media

British Columbia, Canada is a hub for film, television, and digital media development. And as one of the largest centres for film and television production in North America, British Columbia is proud of its international reputation and proven track record for providing exceptional value and service to the industry.


Products range from animation and visual effects, interactive marketing, e-learning and e-health products. British Columbia is a frequent stand-in for U.S. locales in film and television shoots, in both independent productions as well as high-profile releases.

Products and services include:

  • Casting
  • Set construction
  • Filming locations
  • Post-production
  • Visual effects
  • Film and television distribution
  • Mobile gaming


British Columbia enjoys a spectacular location on the west coast of North America, with easy access to mountain, ocean, forest and city scenes. We are within hours of creative hubs in Washington State and California, and we attract talent from around the world.

  • British Columbia is in the same time zone as Los Angeles and other production centres along the U.S. West Coast, facilitating efficient and convenient working relationships.
  • Production teams can support the largest movie productions, from set construction and casting through to post-production and visual effects.
  • With more than 2.5 million square feet in stage space, British Columbia studios can handle up to 50 productions simultaneously. 
  • World-recognized recreational amenities and a laid-back social milieu have attracted a youthful and highly skilled workforce.


  • British Columbia has one of the top video game clusters in the world, with more than 120 game development studios employing 5,500 professionals.
  • Digital media generates annual revenues of $3 billion in British Columbia.
  • We have been the staging ground for both blockbuster films (DeadpoolStar Trek Beyond,Twilight, and Marvel Knights) and independent productions.
  • Digital media companies here develop products used in health care, education and other fields.

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