Information and Communications Technology and Wireless

British Columbia is home to a growing community of more than 2,600 companies offering information and communications technology (ICT) and another 1,150 companies in the wireless and digital media sector. Explore British Columbia's ICT sector and discover the range of ICT products and services to import from Canada.

We offer a highly developed research infrastructure, an established network of experienced communication and software professionals, and close ties to both the U.S. and Asia. These advantages provide buyers with opportunities to access the most advanced technology and communications products and services.

If you are in the market for information, communications, or wireless solutions, our strategic location, low energy costs, and experienced personnel can help you.



Service-oriented companies range from software publishing, computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, to computer systems design and services, engineering services, and wired telecommunications.

Our innovative business community is working with leading scientists in British Columbia to develop industry-leading ICT hardware and software solutions including:

  • Mobile and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies
  • Radio frequency engineering and telecommunications
  • A wide range of applications for industries such as mining, forestry, health, and indoor environments
  • Voice and video over the Internet (VoIP and IPTV)


Buyers looking at British Columbia’s information, communications, and wireless technologies can take advantage of our talented people, advanced facilities, and convenient access to the world’s markets.

A global ICT innovation hub
Thousands of British Columbia companies are involved in design, manufacturing, and engineering of wired and wireless communications. Industry giants such as IBM and Microsoft, and British Columbia leaders like Sierra Wireless and Telus, have created one of the world’s leading ICT and wireless industry clusters here.

Strategic location
Located on Canada’s west coast, British Columbia offers direct access to the technology centres of the United States, as well as key markets in Europe and Asia. From the commercial crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region and North America, buyers can manage and service contracts or ship goods globally with British Columbia’s national and international communications and transportation networks and time zone advantages.

Exceptional talent
British Columbia is home to world-class research facilities, top-ranked universities, and Wavefront, a national centre of excellence that fosters a network of experienced communications and software professionals. We have the knowledge to offer innovative high-tech services and products that are in demand around the world.

Low power pricing
Well over 90 per cent of our electricity comes from low-cost hydroelectric plants. Companies that use large amounts of electricity, such as data centres, can benefit from the reliable, clean, low-cost electricity our hydro resources provide.

Competitive business environment
Our business-friendly government and low taxes let our technology sector compete effectively for your business with other major North American centres.



  • Universities and technology institutes train students with advanced skills in new communications.
  • Our ICT and wireless sector focuses primarily on providing services to the communications industry. 
  • ICT companies from around the world call on British Columbia companies to purchase next-generation technologies and innovative products, as well as wired, wireless, and mobile services.

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