The resources and datasets below will help you find valuable information about importing goods and services from British Columbia, Canada.


Contact any of these industry and trade associations to learn more about the wide range of goods and services available in British Columbia. Select the area you are interested in and then follow the links to the organizations.
BC Agriculture Council
BC Food Processors Association
Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia
BC Seafood Alliance
BC Wood
Council of Forest Industries
Forestry Innovation Investment
Wood Works! BC
Mining Association of British Columbia
Mining Suppliers Association of B.C.
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
 Natural Gas
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Energy Services BC
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
BC Technology Industry Association

Clean Technology
BC Bio Energy Network
Sustainable Development Technology Canada

ICT and Wireless

Digital and Screen-Based Media
Creative BC
Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia

Health and Life Sciences
Life Sciences British Columbia

Tourism Industry Association of BC
Wilderness Tourism Association
British Columbia Trucking Association
Greater Vancouver Gateway Council
Vancouver International Maritime Centre



You can use more than 2,600 government datasets free of charge via the Internet. There are also tools and applications that allow you to use the data for your needs.

Research the DataBC catalogue to see information on topics such as natural resources, transportation, health, and labour.

View the DataBC video to see how to use the DataBC catalogue and the datasets.

Review the Open Government Licence for the terms and conditions on the use of our data. They allow you to use the datasets with only a few limitations.