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Windset Farms Brings B.C. Freshness to Asian Markets

Windset Farms Brings B.C. Freshness to Asian Markets

Having made a name for themselves locally as fresh, quality producers of British Columbia-grown produce, Windset Farms is now setting its sights on key markets in Asia.

Windset Farms has been delivering fresh produce for more than two decades, growing into one of North America’s most sustainable suppliers of naturally grown produce. The Delta, B.C.- based company currently has greenhouses in Abbotsford and Delta, B.C. as well as Santa Maria, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, supplying a wide array of fruits and vegetables to various markets around the world.

In the fall of 2016, Windset Farms became the first company to ship bell peppers to Japan following recently approved market access.  The company had been involved in the process of opening the Japanese market for over 15 years, working with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to set up the necessary steps and procedures.  Japan is a key destination for Canadian agricultural products, and this new market access allowed B.C. greenhouse growers to take advantage of the many opportunities.

The restriction on Canadian bell peppers arose from concerns over Tobacco Blue Mold, a fungus that can affect bell peppers. In 2015, Japanese inspectors visited Windset Farms with Canadian Food Inspection Agency and BC Greenhouse Growers' Association (BCGGA).Once the agreement was finalized the company sold their first batch of peppers to Costco Japan.

British Columbia’s trade and investment team in Japan had worked with Windset for several years as they participated in agrifood trade shows in the market, while also assisting in lifting the restrictions on Canadian bell peppers by working with the Canadian embassy in Tokyo.

Windset continues to expand their presence in Japan and other markets throughout Asia, participating in events promoting their products and sustainable practises in markets such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

British Columbia’s fruit and vegetable producers have an international reputation for supplying fresh, sustainable products enjoyed by consumers around the world. The agrifood and seafood sector in British Columbia is one of the most diverse in Canada, with over 200 primary agriculture products, 100 species of fish, shellfish, and marine plants, a world-renowned wine industry, and a growing array of high-quality, high-value niche products. B.C. is home to hundreds of agrifood and seafood companies including primary growers and producers on land and sea, food processors, beverage processors, and manufacturers of specialty items such as nutraceuticals, floral products, pet foods, and more.

To learn more about the diverse companies that make up British Columbia’s agrifood sector, contact one of our International Trade and Investment Representatives.

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