Preferred Supplier

When you import goods and services from British Columbia, Canada, you can have confidence that you’re dealing with a preferred supplier.

Our manufacturers and service providers are innovative, competitive, reliable and responsive to the market. Whether you need wood pellets or architectural services, you will get what you order and the quality you expect, on time. Our reputation for dependability has been earned over many decades; it is a commitment you can count on.

Assured Supply

We have earned global respect for the quality of our goods and services and for delivering what customers order, every time. When you buy goods or services from British Columbia companies, you can be assured British Columbia companies have the stock and the capability to deliver.

Getting What You Pay For

Our companies consistently deliver what you order. By dealing with a preferred supplier like British Columbia, you can be sure there will be no substitutions of inferior products. 

Responsibly Produced

British Columbia’s regulatory system ensures goods produced here have been produced sustainably and responsibly. Our environmental policies, employment standards and other regulations support global corporate responsibility.

Delivered on Time

Our comprehensive infrastructure, including communications and transportation systems, is efficient and timely. And our strategic location on Canada’s west coast puts us firmly at the commercial crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region and North America. The ports of Vancouver, Kitimat Stewart and Prince Rupert are Asia’s closest ports of entry on the west coast of North America. This means the goods you buy from British Columbia will arrive when you need them.