Exporting Your Products

Learn about exporting goods and services from British Columbia, Canada.  

1. Determine your export readiness

The first step in preparing your business is to develop a toolkit of essential skills. Make sure you have the capacity, resources, and management to deliver a marketable product on a global scale at a competitive price.


2. Develop an export plan

Create an export plan that sets out your export objectives, target markets, products for export, marketing strategy, and anticipated risks.


3. Finance your export business

Determine your export budget, plan for unpredictability in cash flow, and explore your financing options – before that first order comes in.


4. Ready your sales systems

Put the most efficient systems in place to manage international sales enquiries, work with intermediaries, and receive payments.


5. Get your products to market

Consider the logistical aspects involved in getting your products to market – including tariffs, export regulations, and transportation.