Industry Sectors

Goods and services from British Columbia, Canada enjoy a good reputation and a high demand around the world. Our producers and service providers have successfully established themselves in some of the world’s biggest markets, including China, India, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

British Columbia actively promotes the benefits of exporting, and  companies already reap the benefits of supplying British Columbia’s priority markets. Learn more about Canadian export industry sectors and tips and tools to take your business global in the following sectors:

Our agrifoods industry, including seafood, already exports $3.9 billion to 157 countries worldwide. Buyers around the world recognize us for our high-quality food products and strict safety standards. With a strong reputation for quality produce and a strategic location on the west coast of Canada, agrifood producers in British Columbia are in the position to continue profiting in a growing global market.

British Columbia is a world leader in supplying high-quality, environmentally responsible forest products including wood lumber, pulp and other forestry products. We are also developing new markets for innovative products such as biofuels and engineered building materials, and for related services, including building design and forest management.

Global economic and population growth drive increased demand for mining products and services from Canada including metals, coal and mining expertise. With a wealth of natural resources, reputation as a global centre for mining and technological expertise, British Columbia is poised to meet this growing demand. The potential reward for British Columbia companies servicing this demand is significant.

Natural Gas
Growing global demand for energy, combined with our abundant resources and strategic location on the Pacific coast of North America, creates export opportunities for British Columbia's natural gas and LNG. British Columbia’s service providers in this sector leverage their expertise and the province’s extensive geological databases to provide valuable assistance to international exploration, development and production companies.

British Columbia's reputation for producing in-demand technology provides export opportunities. Our strengths in information and communications, clean technology, film, television and digital media, and life sciences have created potential to expand exports in markets including China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe and the United States:

International Education
The number of international students worldwide is expected to increase from 3.3 million today to 7.2 million by 2025. British Columbia is well positioned to play an even more significant role in this sector in coming years.

As global leaders in the transportation sector – particularly in the fields of aerospace and marine manufacturing and services – British Columbia companies are recognized for delivering highly specialized products and services to customers around the world. In addition to aerospace and marine manufacturing and maintenance, there is also good potential to export engineering consulting and logistics and environmental engineering.