Film, Television and Digital Media

British Columbia’s production studios and creative workforce make our province a hub for the creation, development and distribution of digital media, film and television content.
British Columbia is a top location in Canada for foreign film and television shoots, and a preferred location for international digital media firms seeking a creative presence in North America. B.C. is recognized as a hub for digital entertainment attracting large global media companies, while hundreds of smaller B.C.-owned companies also flourish, creating everything from innovative video games, mobile apps, virtual reality products and augmented reality, to animation, visual effects, social media, interactive marketing and e-learning tools.  

Key Markets

British Columbia’s digital media companies export globally, however the largest share is to the United States and European Union. The sector exports more commodities than services, and there are substantial opportunities to expand exports of digital media, film and television productions and services, especially to the Asia-Pacific and India.

United States

The U.S. market typically represents the largest share of revenues for B.C. based video game companies. The proximity to Hollywood and existing relationships with the large U.S. production and distribution companies continues to be a huge advantage for B.C. studios. B.C. companies tend to focus on the U.S. due to the ease of doing business, market and culture familiarity and the fact that much of the world’s major digital entertainment cluster is located there.

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Europe is a significant and mature export market for B.C. digital entertainment companies. B.C. companies tend to be more comfortable doing business in Europe due to market and culture familiarity as well as closer product similarity. Europe is often the first or second international market for B.C. entertainment oriented companies.

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