Film, Television and Digital Media

British Columbia’s production studios and creative workforce make our province a hub for the creation, development and distribution of digital media, film and television content.
It is the top location in Canada for foreign film and television shoots, and a beachhead for international digital media firms seeking a creative presence in North America. British Columbia is well positioned to capitalize on global growth in the digital media industry, with more than 1,150 digital media and wireless companies generating $3 billion in revenue.

Key Markets

British Columbia’s digital media companies primarily export to the United States  and European Union. The sector exports more commodities than services, and there are substantial opportunities to expand exports of digital media, film and television productions and services, especially to the Asia-Pacific and India.

United States

Direct access to the U.S. market is a major advantage for British Columbia’s digital media sector. Online gaming and innovative digital media products for the film and television industry are key areas of opportunity.

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There are opportunities for British Columbia developers and manufacturers to increase exports of products and services such as mobile games and applications.

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British Columbia companies can tap this market’s potential through co-production - a process the federal government is working to make easier by negotiating a co-production treaty with China for television programming, similar to the one for feature films negotiated in 1987. Collaborative relationships are also key for exports of content and expertise for digital media companies. China is a distinct market for character development, storyboarding and related services for online games.

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India's film industry is projected to reach $2.5 billion in annual revenues by 2015, while the gaming industry is estimated to have reached annual revenues of $830 million in 2012 due to the growing domestic markets for its products. India’s film industry is the largest in the world, producing an average of close to a thousand films a year in many languages. Companies are increasingly seeking co-production partners, and British Columbia studios will be ideally positioned should Canada conclude negotiations for a co-production treaty with India.

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Japan’s communications infrastructure has experienced considerable development in recent years and features some of the fastest broadband connection speeds and highest Internet penetration rates in the world. Digital media companies in British Columbia can enter this highly competitive market directly, or through the export of talent via developers such as DeNA and GREE, both of which recently set up studios in Vancouver to produce content for new gaming platforms.

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South Korea

South Korea consumers and companies tend to be early adopters of new technologies, and the country boasts the world’s highest average level of internet connectivity - 81 per cent. The sophistication of the market offers opportunities for British Columbia companies producing digital media, video gaming, mobile and other wireless technologies, and e-learning applications. The explosive growth of smart phones in South Korea presents partnership and export opportunities for British Columbia gaming companies. The Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement, which entered into force  in January 2015, strengthens copyright, patent and trademark protection for B.C. companies doing business in South Korea.

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