Information and Communications Technology and Wireless

British Columbia is a growing hub of information and communications technology (ICT) and wireless-related businesses. Our advanced products and services are in demand globally, creating export opportunities for British Columbia's ICT companies. 

Our exports range from software publishing, computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, computer systems design and services, engineering services to wired telecommunications.

Key Markets

ICT and wireless export opportunities exist around the world. The United States, China, and India have been identified as the most significant export markets.


United States

The U.S. is a global high-tech leader, with multinational brand name companies in all sub-sectors, a large pool of investment and venture capital available. Its continued business and consumer demand will facilitate the growth of information companies.

Export markets are extremely important for ICT and wireless companies and direct access to the U.S. market, protected by the North American Free Trade Agreement, is a major advantage for our industry.

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The Chinese ICT market continues to provide good commercial opportunities, with strong prospects for customized software products such as software for e-learning, mobile marketing, information security, agriculture and dairy applications. In addition, China will see great demand for IT consulting, enterprise management solutions, information storage and management systems, network security products and wireless application solutions. Software, hardware, content formats, and solutions that make networks function more efficiently will also find an active market in China.

China’s ICT and digital market is among the world’s largest and fastest-growing, representing increasing opportunities for our ICT sector. South China in particular (Guangdong) is a major centre of the global ICT supply chain.

While South China leads the nation in manufacturing ICT products, it is also a huge market for the sale of ICT products. Many of our ICT companies have set up operations in South China, particularly in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Our growing hub of high technology companies, universities with leading-edge research capabilities, and our strong domestic talent pool can fuel growth and increasing exports to China.

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The Indian market for ICT products and services is projected to increase from $18.6 billion in 2011 to $40.5 billion by 2015. Business ICT spending is on the increase, led by demand from the small and medium enterprise sector, with growing interest in cloud computing. Government procurement is growing robustly, along with opportunities in health care, education, telecommunication, entertainment, and financial services.

Mobile communication in India is also creating unprecedented market opportunities. With more than 850 million mobile subscribers in 2011, India has been the world’s fastest-growing mobile telephony market. This growth has triggered significant opportunities in value-added services (such as gaming, messaging, m-commerce, and mobile Internet) and enhanced demand for mobile-based solutions and services.

Indian companies are interested in our leading-edge research capabilities, domestic talent pool, and growing hub of high technology companies.

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South Korea

Korea has made significant investments over the years in its knowledge economy and generates world-class research and innovation. It has the world’s highest level of internet connectivity at 81 per cent. Consumers and companies are sophisticated early technology adopters and the country has world-leading IT and digital media clusters. Korea has an appetite for technologies that are new, cutting edge, and provide greater efficiencies.

Korea offers opportunities related to digital media, video gaming, mobile and other wireless technologies, and e-learning applications. For example, the explosive growth of smart phones in Korea has driven a market for video gaming and particularly mobile games and applications. This provides our ICT and wireless companies with partnership and export opportunities.

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Japan’s ICT infrastructure has seen considerable development in recent years, featuring some of the fastest broadband connection speeds and highest Internet penetration rates in the world. Japan continues to be one of the leaders in broadband penetration, next generation cell phone networks, gaming, and now a rapidly growing social media sector. These qualities supported the quick spread of multi-function mobile telephones, which include camera, barcode reader, music player and contactless payment functions, as well as an increasing number of ways for people to connect to the Internet.

British Columbia is a worldwide leader in the industry with diverse companies creating innovative products. Key opportunities for our companies exist in mobile phone services, IC card/RFID, visual communications, online affiliate marketing, gaming, and IT use in the public sector.

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Revenues from systems software and applications in the EU are expected to increase by 4.5 per cent to reach a market value of €70 billion. Overall, the EU ICT market is expected to grow in 2012 by 2.7 per cent to reach a total market value of €320 billion. In particular, a positive trend is building the market for fixed network data services, due to an increase in internet connections and data services. In fact, it is estimated that by 2012 growth will climb to a market value of €60 billion. Already, 61 per cent of the EU population have high-speed data lines.

The growing demand of ICT services and wireless devices/applications within the EU creates substantial opportunities for BC developers and manufacturers. Focus markets for ICT products and services in the EU are Germany, France, the UK, and Italy.

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Southeast Asia

Countries in Southeast Asia vary in their technological development; they offer opportunities ranging from the building of communications infrastructure to next-generation networking and mobile media. Some countries are building out their telecom networks into rural areas, while others are extending their 3G infrastructure.

Throughout Southeast Asia, mobile internet and media are in high demand, particularly for solutions that deliver content to mobile devices efficiently. Singapore is among the world’s top five markets for cloud-based services, supported by modern privacy laws and government regulations. Demand for mobile banking technologies is also widespread and growing, while industries such as oil and gas or shipping and logistics have strong interest in Machine to Machine (M2M) services.

British Columbia's expertise in wired and wireless communications technology and services means we can offer competitive services to this rapidly growing and diverse marketplace.

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