As global leaders in the transportation sector – particularly in the fields of aerospace and marine manufacturing and services – British Columbia companies are recognized for delivering highly specialized products and services to customers around the world. 
One of our biggest assets is a deep pool of highly-skilled talent, supported by a network of institutions that provide high-quality education and training. 

In addition to aerospace and marine manufacturing and maintenance, there is also strong potential to export engineering consulting and logistics and environmental engineering.

Key Markets

China, Japan, South Korea, and India are key markets for British Columbia businesses in the transportation sector.


China’s growing economy is increasing the country’s need to purchase transportation-related products and services. British Columbia businesses can promote our demonstrated strength in aerospace and marine manufacturing and maintenance to help meet this need.

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As a country with a strong presence in both the marine and aerospace sectors, Japan has good reason to look to our expertise in these fields. As a result, there are opportunities for British Columbia companies to sell transportation-related technologies, solutions, services and products in Japan. In addition, British Columbia transport, logistics, and related service companies have good potential for growth in sales to Japan.

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South Korea

British Columbia companies are well positioned to meet South Korea’s need for services in the areas of logistics and transport need. Our engineering, construction and related service companies also have opportunities to enter the South Korean market to sell transportation technologies, solutions, services and products. In addition, our vibrant aerospace and marine manufacturing and maintenance industries are well positioned to market their products and services to the South Korean market.

The Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA), which came into force in early 2015, has significantly improved market access opportunities for Canada’s aerospace sector by eliminating tariffs on 100% of aerospace products.  South Korea has also eliminated tariffs on over 95% of industrial goods and 100% will be duty free once it is fully implemented, creating opportunities for British Columbia companies involved in shipbuilding and ocean technologies. 

The CKFTA also provides improved market access for professional services including architects, engineers and environmental technologists, creating improved opportunities to market these services to South Korea.

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Southeast Asia

The ASEAN markets have ambitious programs to raise the capacity and quality of their transportation infrastructure, including air and maritime ports, rail and roads. Countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam plan to expand port capacity to meet their growing international trade as well as their oil and gas business. Major rail projects are also being planned in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

British Columbia's maritime, aerospace and transportation engineering companies have established an international reputation as leaders in these areas and can build on B.C.'s existing relationships in the ASEAN markets.

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