British Columbia and Canada’s histories are rooted in providing natural resources to Europe. Today, our traditional markets in Europe continue to provide opportunities. 
Looking ahead, there is good potential to expand our exports of energy, wood products, metallic minerals, biomass and international education. There are also opportunities in the technology specialties of life sciences, clean technology and information and communications technology.

Key Sector Opportunities for Exporters


Food growers and producers in British Columbia have successfully established a market for food products in Europe as our exports are known for their quality, diversity and safety.

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The greatest opportunity for forest sector export growth from British Columbia to Europe may be in the area of biomass. Green energy policies in Europe encourage companies there to switch from fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources such as renewable wood fuel. As a result, the European demand for wood pellets has increased significantly in recent years.

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Europe presents British Columbia technology companies with range of export opportunities:

Digital Media and Information and Communications Technology

Growing demand for information and communications technology services and wireless devices and applications gives our exporters substantial opportunities for growth. Germany is the strongest of these markets, followed by France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Clean Technology

There are strong environmental protection regulations for industry in Europe, creating substantial demand for environmental technologies and services. Europe’s demand for clean technology, an area of particular strength in British Columbia, is growing.

Life Sciences

Life science exports to Europe grew by nearly 600 per cent during the first decade of this century, illustrating the potential importance of Europe as a future customer for this sector.

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International Education

Currently, European students account for a small proportion of all international students in British Columbia. There is considerable potential to increase the number of international students from Europe who study here.

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Trade Agreements

Read about eliminating barriers to trade for information on trade agreements with Europe:

Eliminating Barriers to Trade.