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Mining in British Columbia

Rich in Mineral Resources

As global demand for the minerals and metals needed for transitioning to a low-carbon future increases, British Columbia (B.C.) is at the forefront, with more than 700 global exploration and mining companies headquartered in Vancouver.

B.C.’s abundant mountains and river valleys contain a variety of minerals in global demand – from copper and aluminum to gold and silver. Our mining companies have adopted high tech and clean tech solutions to minimize waste. First Nations governments, industries, and communities throughout B.C. are working together to support innovative and responsible mineral exploration.

Taseko Mines

Sector Profile

Mining for the Future

The mining sector of B.C. is rich with raw materials as well as global opportunities.

We offer:

  • Global presence – More than 700 mining and mineral firms choose British Columbia as their base of global operations. B.C. is home to the world’s largest concentration of exploration companies and mining professionals.
  • More ore – Mines in British Columbia leverage efficient supply chains and superior transportation linkages to produce precious metals and raw materials required for the global market; from aluminum, zinc, gold, silver, copper, gypsum, limestone, and molybdenum to name a few.
  • Deep opportunities – There are approximately 30 industrial mining operations and over 1,000 aggregate mine operations active in B.C., with multiple proposed mines setting up throughout the province.
  • Secondary services – B.C. is one of Canada’s first provinces to enact mine reclamation legislation, creating new business opportunities to help mine operations return land to a safe and environmentally sound state.

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