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Region:  Vancouver Island and Coast

Nation:  Nuxalk

What makes a Nation? A nation of people have their own: Religion, Language, Land Base and Laws. The Nuxalk People have been given all these gifts from our Creator. The Creator provided to our People everything that we have today, and it is our responsibility to take care of the land and the resources our land provides for us for the future of our children and those children yet unborn. In 1913 Chief Jim Pollard stated to Royal Commission on Indian Affairs: "When I was a boy my father and the old men of the tribe told us to be careful with our land and property here, not to give it away, or sell it. We want to let you know that the fish is the same as a bank, this is where we derive our income." Our Elders and our Chiefs continue to protect our land and our resources today. The Nuxalk Nation has never signed any agreements or treaties with the Government of Canada or the Government of BC. This is what our Elders mean when they tell us to be careful because the government is working hard to take away all our rights, and they want us to sign agreements with them. Why? We are still protected by international law, the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the Indian Act and the Constitution of 1982.


Latitude: 52° 22' 13".018 N
Longitude: 126° 44' 13".855 S

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