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Date: December 08, 2019 - December 09, 2019

Time: 04:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence, and the technologies around it, will determine the builders of our future economy.

British Columbia has — and is building — that crucial AI ecosystem. Through it, we will have the local and global reach to build the future.

Organized by CityAge and the Artificial Intelligence network of British Columbia, CrossOver: AI will connect and catalyze an essential network of leaders in British Columbia and Canada’s emerging AI ecosystem. To take BC’s strengths in this transformative technology to the national and global stage.

CrossOver AI will:

  • Establish British Columbia as a national and global leader in AI/ML.
  • Showcase BC's AI/ML start-up ecosystem to global investors and corporations for investment and partnerships.
  • Attract global corporations to invest in establishing AI/ML R&D in BC.
  • Demonstrate to BC and Canada's business, government and academic leadership that we have a strong, growing AI network.
  • Gather and connect all of the members of BC's AI network to each other.
CrossOver AI’s program will be structured to provide an engaging combination of high-quality content and practical business information.

The morning of the event will be a mix of panel discussions and 20-minute TED-style presentations.

The afternoon will be organized as an interactive mix of pitch sessions that profile the opportunities in global AI and BC’s capabilities.

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Fairmont Waterfront
900 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC

Event Cost: $195-$495
Registration Deadline: November 11, 2019
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Contact Name: Javed Haque
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