British Columbia, Canada is rich in natural resources and has 150 years of solid mining history. In 2011 alone, we produced over $8 billion worth of mine products, including coal, copper, gold, zinc, molybdenum, silver, lead, aggregates,  industrial minerals and other mining products.

Key Advantages

We offer the ideal business environment for extractive industries.

  • British Columbia is internationally recognized as a centre of expertise in mining, metallurgy, environmental engineering, mine safety, and geoscience. The province is home to the world’s largest concentration of exploration companies and mining professionals, with more than 800 mining and mineral firms and 400 service suppliers choosing Vancouver as their base of global operations.
  • Our world-class educational institutions produce knowledgeable and skilled workers.
  • We are a supplier of choice for mineral and coal, resources, offering efficient supply chains and superior transportation links. These include three transcontinental Class 1 railways with double-stack capability and the shortest sea route between North America and Asia.
  • British Columbia has a robust venture capital market and a culture of innovation. In 2010, British Columbia-based mining companies raised $6.5 billion in equity capital.

British Columbia provides ongoing support for the mining industry.

  • We are consistently working to provide more and better infrastructure. The Northwest Transmission Line, currently under construction, will soon extend our clean electricity network to more remote regions of British Columbia.
  • We have developed world-class geological databases, cataloguing a growing inventory of more than 13,000 mineral occurrences. 
  • We offer a new streamlined review and approval process, making it more efficient than ever to set up operations in British Columbia.
  • We offer low corporate tax rates, generous incentives, tax or royalty credits, and low-cost electricity and natural gas.
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Sector Snapshot

Mining in British Columbia is thriving. Currently 24 metal and coal mines are in production and numerous significant industrial mineral and aggregate operations are found throughout the province. BC's mining industry continues to grow to meet global demand. We are ready to do so in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible ways.

In 2011:

  • British Columbia’s mineral and coal production was worth more than $8 billion.
  • At $5.8 billion, we are Canada's largest exporter of coal and the world’s third largest by volume.
  • We produced $1.48 billion worth of copper – our second most important mineral commodity.
  • We are Canada’s only producer of molybdenum ($281 million), and one of the top-10 producers globally.


Sector Incentives

British Columbia offers both industry-wide and mining-specific incentive programs for corporations and individuals.


British Columbia Mining Exploration Tax Credit

A refundable tax credit equal to 20 per cent of eligible B.C. grassroots mineral exploration expenditures. In areas affected by the mountain pine beetle, an additional 10 per cent credit – to a maximum of 30 per cent – is available.

Federal Mineral Exploration Tax Credit

A non-refundable tax credit for individuals equal to 15 per cent of a company's eligible grassroots exploration expenditures. Complements the British Columbia Mining Flow-Through Share Tax Credit. When combined and added to the regular 100 per cent deductions, the British Columbia Mining Flow-Through Share Tax Credit and the Federal Mineral Exploration Tax Credit are equivalent to a 141 per cent exploration expense deduction for income tax purposes.

New Mine Allowance

A grant that provides developers of new mines with one-third of the capital expenditures for new mine development and significant expansions. Under the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), savings to businesses in the mining sector are estimated to be approximately $55 million per year. British Columbia reinstated the provincial sales tax (PST) on April 1, 2013, and all permanent exemptions, including the production machinery and equipment exemption, have been reinstated. Manufacturers recover the five per cent federal value-added tax (GST) through input tax credits. Industry has identified additional millions in savings for new mine development and construction.


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