British Columbia, Canada, with a reputation for technology innovation, offers a range of investment opportunities. If you want to do business with leading-edge companies in a thriving technology or media sector, explore the advantages British Columbia offers.

Technology Snapshot

Information and communications (ICT), clean tech, digital media and life sciences are well-established industries in British Columbia. Prominent global companies have built a history here, and new ones open for business every year.

The advantages are clear:

British Columbia’s flexible, educated and rapidly expanding workforce of more than 114,000 is well represented by young, diverse and energetic talent. World-class educational institutions, entrepreneurial and regional networks, technology acceleration and commercialization programs and regional industry clusters combine to support both established and emerging companies. And British Columbia’s attractive natural environment and culturally diverse population are a magnet for mobile, high-tech talent. 

These benefits, coupled with a highly developed research infrastructure, competitive business costs, a supportive government and close ties to both the United States and Asia, make British Columbia the ideal place to successfully invest, partner and grow.


Technology Key Facts

Number of companies 10,200
Revenue $28.9 billion
Workforce 114,000


Learn more about British Columbia’s technology advantages.


Clean Technology

Join companies that are making a mark supplying the global market with technologies for energy-efficient power generation and use, transportation and green industrial processes. 
Learn more about the key advantages of investing in British Columbia's clean technology.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Become part of the rapidly growing community of businesses that use British Columbia’s strong talent base and strategic advantages to pursue advances in software, cloud computing, information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications and electronics manufacturing.
Learn more about the British Columbia's ICT products and services in demand in key markets.

Life Sciences

Join an extensive network of research centres at the leading edge developments in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and medical technology.
Learn more about British Columbia's diverse range of life sciences products and services.

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