Information and Communication Technologies and Wireless

British Columbia, Canada is home to a progressive and dynamic ICT and wireless industry. This world-class hub of more than 5,300 companies and 62,700 experienced professionals is pursuing advances in software, cloud computing, information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications and electronics manufacturing.

British Columbia offers a highly developed research infrastructure, an established network of experienced communication and software professionals, angel investors and close ties to both the United States and Asia. These advantages provide strong investment opportunities to open North American branch offices and to partner with B.C.-based start-up businesses.

Key Advantages

Investors and companies from around the world are discovering the benefits of developing their information and communication technologies (ICT) and wireless projects in British Columbia.

  • A global ICT and wireless hub. Thousands of British Columbia companies are involved in the design, manufacturing and engineering of wired and wireless communications. In 2017, the global venture capital community injected $646 million across 91 deals in British Columbia, strengthening B.C.’s position as one of the most exciting tech hubs in North America.
  • Exceptional talent. British Columbia’s large, flexible and educated workforce of 114,000 across the broader tech ecosystem is well represented by young, diverse and energetic talent. British Columbia is home to world-class research facilities,  top-ranked universities and centres of excellence that foster a network of seasoned communications and software professionals. British Columbia’s 25 post-secondary institutions work collaboratively with the region’s growing and vibrant tech sector. The University of British Columbia (UBC), for example, holds dozens of Canada Research Chairs and has produced approximately 200 spin-off companies.
  • Global players. In British Columbia you’re in great company with major global players like Microsoft, Vision Critical, Intel, ACL, Sierra Wireless and Tableau, plus three of Canada’s five tech unicorns (Slack, Hootsuite and Avigilon) and more than 10,500 other exciting and innovative technology companies.
  • A prime location. As Canada’s Pacific gateway, British Columbia’s business day conveniently overlaps with afternoon working hours in Europe and morning work schedules in Asia, and perfectly synchronizes with the full working days of California and Washington State.
  • Competitive tax regime. British Columbia is one of North America’s most competitive tax environments and the lowest personal income tax in Canada for single individuals earning up to $125,000. B.C.’s general corporate income tax rate is 12%. When combined with the federal rate, businesses pay an overall rate of just 27%. 
  • BC Tech Fund. A $100 million venture capital fund that invests in British Columbia’s emerging technology companies

    Learn about British Columbia’s range of attractive business incentives.

ICT and Wireless Sector Supports

British Columbia has laid a foundation for business success that includes targeted initiatives to support technology companies. ICT and wireless technology companies also benefit from:

  • An increasing supply of talent in technology-related graduate programs, internships and entrepreneurship programs.
  • Support for entrepreneurs, small technology businesses, and start-ups through:
    • the New Ventures BC Competition
    • a vibrant and growing accelerator community spearheaded by Innovate BC’s Venture Acceleration Program — a publicly funded project designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage entrepreneurs and their tech ventures.
    • a host of private incubators and accelerators – including Launch Academy, Spring, and Victory Square – that offer coaching and access to seed funding.

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