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Innovative and patent pending time technology about to disrupt time management as we know it.

1055 Richards St Vancouver Lower Mainland/Southwest Greater Vancouver Information and Communication Technologies and Wireless Equity $1,000,000

Innovative Time Solutions Inc. is an equity investment opportunity in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Calemazoo. Know who is available and when.


Heard of biotech and fintech? Calemazoo has been dubbed timetech and it is about to revolutionize the way we all manage our time at work, at home, at school and socially.


The need to schedule time with others is inescapable. The problem is knowing who is available, when they are available and what they are doing without having to ask. Scheduling time is inefficient. Studies show ~36% of time wasted in the workplace is spent tracking down employees and scheduling meetings.


Calemazoo is unique with patents pending in Canada, US (Application No. 15/025723 National Phase Entry of PCT/CA2014/050935), Europe and China. An iOS and Android app, Calemazoo synchronizes schedules and simultaneously communicates immediate and future availability, and proximity between users, regardless of what calendar solution they use. Businesses save time and money by aggregating the availability of their workforce.


Value Proposition: Less time scheduling = more time doing. Business users benefit from informed decision making and the optimized deployment of resources. Private and SSL secure encryption.

Customers: Small, medium and enterprise businesses.


Initial Target Customers: Employers of part-time and contract workers. There are ~27 million part-time workers in the US, ~3 million in Canada, ~42 million in Europe and the numbers are growing.


Target Users: 1.8 billion smart phone users worldwide.


Calemazoo is free for individuals. Calemazoo for Business will be a paid Software as a Service web application charged at $2.00/scheduled employee or asset/month on a reoccurring subscription basis.


With further discovery the brand architecture can include Calemazoo for Education, Healthcare, Government, Labour and a Marketplace.


Equity investment opportunity in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada includes a total raise of $1,000,000 Cdn in exchange for 5,000,000 Class A Common shares at $0.20/share. Minimum investment $25,000 Cdn. Founders hold ~77% of shares outstanding.


Use of Proceeds: $400,000 to develop Calemazoo v2.0 including web app monetization, $400,000 for marketing, and $200,000 for Administration.


Future Valuation        2017             2018               2019

Total Users                1,347,146     9,636,106       12,472,577

Valuation @$5/user  $6,735,730   $48,180,530    $62,362,885


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