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Woodlot License

3300 Gun Creek Rd Gold Bridge Lower Mainland/Southwest Squamish-Lillooet Forestry Equity $250,000

Woodlot License
- WL 366 is 600 hectares in size
- evergreen license in perpetuity
- approximately 800 cubic meters of annual harvest
- Douglas fir is predominant specie
- Douglas fir is used for high strength veneer and gets the highest rate per cubic meter
- 30 years in operational
- high quality logs are exported to veneer plants, used for cabin construction and lumber
- woodlot provides greater security in terms of priority for use over the area, it creates a “Park” environment, it provides training ground for forestry, conservation and recreation students
- all systems in place (operational, marketing, licensing)
- woodlot is well developed with one central road and all spur roads into blocks are like spokes of a wheel
- the entire woodlot has been managed for select, uneven age logging
- steep terrain has been horse logged
- stewardship, conservation and whole management has been applied to the woodlot for the last 30 years
- updated timber cruise information could result in mid-range growth opportunity of allowable harvest
- more intense forest management could increase quality of timber by 20–30 %
- equipment includes one lot, 518 line skidder, one kenworth self load log truck
- new 5 year harvest cycle begins in 2018 January


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