Strategic Investments Office

British Columbia, Canada is ideally positioned for international investors contemplating large initiatives. We have a long history of political and economic stability, a strategic location on the west coast of North America, and a wide range of economic opportunities.

The Strategic Investments Office is designed to streamline government processes and facilitate services for projects that have the potential to provide British Columbia with significant economic benefit. We are here to assist with your initiative, helping you manage risk, smooth the path from concept to launch, reduce your costs and expedite project approvals.

The Strategic Investments Office can help you:

  • navigate your proposal through accelerated government and public engagement processes for permits and approvals, making sure it aligns with British Columbia’s balanced environmental, safety and public health standards.
  • benefit from advice and support in developing and implementing solutions to challenges that could impede or delay your project.
  • build strong business relationships with valuable and dependable contacts in British Columbia and in your region, including our international Trade and Investment Representatives.

As you look to gain a competitive edge by making a major investment in British Columbia, please contact the Strategic Investments Office for a confidential consultation.

Please email to contact British Columbia’s Strategic Investments Office.