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B.C. Company’s Technology Captivating Subway Riders around the World

B.C. Company’s Technology Captivating Subway Riders around the World

Commuting on a crowded and busy subway line could get much more interesting with the help of a British Columbia technology company that is changing the face of advertising on subway systems around the globe.

AdTrack Media has developed a patent pending technology that creates high-resolution displays directly installed into subway and metro tunnels that entertain and inform subway riders during their daily commutes.

The B.C.-based company works with the world’s leading metro and subway systems to transform the rider experience, improve operations, and drive new revenue streams. With its in-tunnel display technology, an area that has not been developed in the past, Adtrack Media dramatically changes the traditional subway experience with eye-catching advertisements that consumers view as they travel. Rather than the usual static print ads seen on most subway systems, AdTrack Media provides a dynamic LED experience that has attracted global brands interested in showcasing their products on a new marketing platform.

AdTrack Media’s technology can be seen in the subway systems of Madrid, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is the longest subway system in the world, carrying over seven million passengers daily and making it an excellent system for the company to target. The B.C. Trade and Invest team in Seoul assisted Adtrack Media with introductions to local clients, including media buyers, ad sales agencies, and major advertising firms, to whom the company sells media space on its subway advertising platform.

Additionally, Ken Bicknell, Adtrack Media President and CEO , joined the Premier's mission to Korea in May 2016 and participated as a panelist for the BC-Korea Technology Investment Seminar. A demonstration of the company’s technology was also featured during the Friends of BC Reception.

Innovative companies like AdTrack Media are a key part of British Columbia’s growing technology sector, which includes thousands of ICT and wireless companies and a talented workforce that is delivering industry-leading hardware and software. Working with world-class research facilities and top-ranked universities, these companies are developing innovative products and platforms.
With a highly developed research infrastructure, an established network of experienced communication and software professionals, low business costs, a supportive government, and close ties to both the United States and Asia, British Columbia offers great opportunities for businesses to invest, partner, or purchase products and services.
For more information on British Columbia’s innovative ICT sector or to learn about other investment opportunities, contact one of our international Trade and Investment Representatives.
 Posted on: October 21, 2016

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