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Ecotagious Energy Efficiency

Ecotagious Energy Efficiency

The federal government recently announced that it would be providing funding for energy efficiency and climate action across British Columbia. The Low Carbon Economy Fund is part of the clean growth and climate plan designed to help Canada reach its 2030 Paris Agreement target. The fund will support projects to reduce carbon pollution and spur clean tech innovation. One B.C. company that is working to help utility companies meet energy efficiency targets is Ecotagious.

The Vancouver-based clean tech company offers Software as a Service (SaaS) that drives energy conservation by providing customers with a breakdown of their appliance-level consumption, showing them how much they are using in categories such as lights and appliances, air conditioning and electric space heating. Through the power of smart meter data analytics, without any additional hardware investment, utilities can now provide their customers with personalized and actionable recommendations on how to save based on their own appliance usage.  

Ecotagious has partnered with Aclara, a world-class smart infrastructure solutions provider, to deliver a ‘next-generation’ home energy report program that utilizes smart meter disaggregation to separate energy usage into its component parts. The service provides a high degree of personalization to deliver programs that clearly resonate with customers. One example of the industry-leading results obtained from Ecotagious’ proprietary technology can be seen here, where the Aclara-Ecotagious program was compared head-to head with another well-known program in Southern California.

With federal funding coming in to support energy efficiency technology, utility companies and their customers stand to benefit significantly. Provincial support for clean technology companies includes a business environment that actively encourages investment with competitive taxes and modern services and regulations that streamline small business operations and provide more opportunities for growth. Within British Columbia there are 25 world-class educational institutions and several centres of excellence supporting green research and technology development. The stable fiscal environment is cost-competitive with other major North American centres, and boasts some of North America’s most affordable and reliable power rates, as 98% of B.C.’s electricity comes from clean energy sources.

British Columbia’s clean technology sector, including power generation, energy efficiency, transportation and industrial processes that create green benefits, has been growing steadily and is considered to be worth $3 trillion per year globally, creating great opportunities for investment. Learn more on the B.C. Government website on energy efficiency, or reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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