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Internet of Things: Expeto Partners with Vodafone, Tomorrow Street

Internet of Things: Expeto Partners with Vodafone, Tomorrow Street

British Columbia is a leader in technology, including emerging fields like smart city infrastructure, where devices and inanimate objects collect data that can then be used to improve and streamline city planning. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of personal physical devices, including vehicles and home appliances, with software and sensors that enables them to collect data for individuals to monitor and amend their own lifestyles. The advent of the Internet of Things has created demand for a platform that allows various devices to share information.

Expeto, a startup based in Victoria, is meeting that demand and has solved a common business problem through a platform that allows public and private “smart” technology to talk to one another. The way enterprises use cellular data and networks is evolving, and traditional networks are not built for IoT. Expeto has developed an enterprise-level platform that provides secure cellular networks that are simple to deploy and control. Already in use by global resource companies to connect and control devices in remote worksites, Expeto’s solution has significant potential applications.

Expeto recently aligned with partners Vodafone, Technoport and Tomorrow Street with an agreement that will bring Expeto’s IoT software to the global market. The organizations connected at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, after representatives from Trade and Invest BC encouraged them to meet. Expeto will join forces with the partnered European companies and use their expansive network to scale the platform for international clients. Vodafone provides mobile networks in 26 countries and provides great brand recognition.

International successes like this one are facilitated by the business environment of British Columbia. The province has a robust community of organizations dedicated to supporting and encouraging innovation, including Innovate BC. Innovate BC is a Crown agency of the Province which encourages the development and application of technologies to meet the needs of local industry. Their Venture Acceleration Program has been a driver for technology development in B.C.

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