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Leading Brands of Canada Brings Happy Water to Chinese Market

Leading Brands of Canada Brings Happy Water to Chinese Market

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly health conscious and the market for healthy, natural foods and beverages is growing, which is good news for food and beverage producers across British Columbia. The province’s agrifood sector has a strong reputation for food safety and quality, and already serves the global marketplace with a diverse array of products. Most recently, the fresh, clean water of British Columbia has entered the Chinese market through an agreement with Tianjin Maple Life International Trade Co., Ltd.

The Chairman of Tianjin Maple Life spent two years in British Columbia exploring the options for safe, natural and high quality agrifood products to serve the growing demand of the Chinese market. With support of Trade and Invest BC, Tianjin Maple Life signed strategic partnership agreements with several B.C. food processors for export opportunities, including one with BC Leading Brands to deliver Happy Water to China.

This alkaline mountain spring water is naturally imbued with the electrolyte minerals calcium and magnesium. Nothing is added to or removed from the water, as it is already pristine and fluoride free. The water is sustainably sourced and packaged in recyclable, biodegradable and BPA-free packaging.

British Columbia’s Trade and Investment Representatives in China invited Tianjin Maple Life to attend several networking events with B.C. companies. They participated in the Ministry of Agriculture’s AGRI Seminar and the FoodProWest expo. BC Trade and Invest staff also facilitated matchmaking with potential distributors and provided on-site support at the food and hospitality trade show.

British Columbia’s West Coast location reduces the cost and time required for shipping to Asian markets. With state of the art deep sea ports that are ice-free all year, B.C. is the fastest route between North America and Asia.

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