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UVic Takes Off with Boeing

UVic Takes Off with Boeing

Boeing has partnered with the University of Victoria (UVic) to model and test the aeroelasticity of moving surfaces on aircraft. Aeroelasticity refers to distortion such as bending that is caused when wings or other structures react to aerodynamic flows.

Boeing Research & Technology, Boeing’s advanced research and development organization, and UVIC’s Centre for Aerospace Research (CfAR) will test unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight in the coming year. UAV technology has vast potential, with applications that include wildlife monitoring, search and rescue, mining, agriculture and more.

The Aerospace Chair at UVic, Afzal Suleman, and researchers and students at CfAR are drawing on their experience in large remotely operated aircraft. Boeing and CfAR aim to further their knowledge of aircraft wing behaviour so that Boeing can increase the efficiency and reliability of aircraft design. Researchers from Virginia Tech and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory also participated in the project. In the next year, researchers will test a flexible-wing UAV.

The Ministry of International Trade and Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training played a key role in this opportunity by providing logistical and advisory services to support the meetings between Boeing and the Vancouver Island Aerospace Association, which includes CfAR. 

British Columbia is a leader in the technology sector, and has a proven record of knowledge and expertise in aerospace and aircraft technology. Investors from the United States, the Americas, and around the world are investing in British Columbia’s growing technology and aerospace industries.

Contact the Ministry of International Trade to discover the benefits of British Columbia as a destination for investment, a partner for trade and innovation, and a source of quality goods, services, and resources around the world.

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