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Vision Critical: Building Better Customer Relationships in B.C. and Beyond

Vision Critical: Building Better Customer Relationships in B.C. and Beyond

“Trade and Invest British Columbia has created opportunities for us to connect with C-level stakeholders of leading customer centric brands in the Philippines that are bringing insight into their business decisions.” – Soon Yong Koh, VP Sales – Asia, Vision Critical

With the rise of customer centricity in business, Vision Critical is helping leading companies in the Philippines strengthen and build better relationships with their customers. In partnership with Trade and Invest BC, British Columbia-based Vision Critical is marketing and driving awareness with companies in the Philippines that are looking to build more meaningful, emotion-rich experiences for their customers.  
One-third of the world’s top brands rely on Vision Critical’s customer intelligence solution to build better customer relationships and generate fast, high-quality customer insight to inform business decisions. Vision Critical’s award-winning solution powers millions of customer-to-brand conversations every day across 45 countries worldwide. Since 2010, Vision Critical has expanded its operations across Asia Pacific, serving over 130 clients, and has registered double-digit growth in its business across Asia last year.

Leading customer-centric brands like Globe, Changi Airport and LinkedIn are using Vision Critical’s solution to take a modern approach to research and customer experience. These brands use Vision Critical to create voice of the customer programs at scale and generate actionable customer insight in hours, directly from their customers, to feed into business decisions. Unlike traditional research methods and spam surveys to engage customers, Vision Critical takes a relationship-driven approach to helping brands engage with their customers through insight communities. Brands collect attitude, emotion and intent data from their customers, complementing their big data analytics to provide a comprehensive 360 customer view for different customer personas over time.

Trade and Invest BC is helping to advance Vision Critical’s work in the Philippines by facilitating meetings with local companies that can benefit from the services it offers. Trade and Investment representatives have facilitated successful matches for Vision Critical, which have played a significant role in its growth.

Learn more about Vision Critical’s world-class technology, customers and Asia Pacific events. To get in touch with Trade and Invest BC or share your news with us, contact a representative near you or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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