Streamlined Regulations

British Columbia has made it easier to register a business, apply for permits and licences, and understand your obligations as an employer.
Employment standards regulations are responsive to the needs of businesses. For example, high tech companies in British Columbia operate under labour rules that allow for a flexible work environment. Recognizing that high tech employers have unique requirements, British Columbia has created a labour framework that enables these companies to thrive.

As part of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement between the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, businesses registering as a corporation will no longer need to register separately in each of the three jurisdictions as extra-provincial registration will be facilitated by the home province. No additional fees will be required, and the partnership removes the need for corporations to file their annual filing requirement in all three provinces.

British Columbia’s environmental assessment legislation establishes fixed timelines for project reviews. Permit and license processes are streamlined for resort developments, mining, and other major projects.

Business registrations can be completed in a matter of hours. A company registered in British Columbia can have as few as one director and there is no residency requirement for directors of companies registered here.

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