Easy Global Access

Canada’s West Coast connects the Asia-Pacific region with North America, providing easy, fast and reliable access to world markets. We offer modern, cost-effective connections to global transportation and communications systems. Our Pacific time zone overlaps major commercial time zones, allowing convenient communications and scheduling.


British Columbia is a key transportation hub between the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Our ports provide the shortest sea route across the Pacific Ocean. B.C. ports are part of an integrated supply-chain connecting buyers to sellers and products to markets. Canada’s Western Trade Corridors are an efficient, reliable network of marine and air ports, rail lines and roads.

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Trade Agreements

Canada has one of the world’s most open trading economies and businesses in British Columbia benefit from significant international trade agreements.

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Digital Communications and Telecommunications

British Columbia has the highest rate of broadband and overall Internet connectivity in Canada.  An advanced communications infrastructure also provides telephone, broadcasting, cable, wireless and other information services at competitive rates. 

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