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2020 B.C. Export Awards

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, businesses in British Columbia continue to grow and thrive. The BC Export Awards program recognizes the innovative and unique contributions of registered export companies in British Columbia. Awards are given in the categories of Emerging Exporter, Manufactured Products, Professional Services, Advancing Technology & Innovation and Exporter of the Year. This year, nominees and award winners exemplify some of the best B.C. has to offer and are as follows:

Emerging Exporter

Big Mountain Foods is currently exporting nine plant-based products into the USA, including veggie patties and sausages as well as cauliflower, mushroom, and broccoli products. Big Mountain experienced growth throughout the pandemic, in part due to more people cooking at home and looking for healthy meal options. Their products are available across the USA in major retail chains.

Meta Optima and Mimik Software were finalists in the category.

Manufactured Products

Kalesnikoff Mass Timber and Lumber won the manufactured product award. Their team focuses on specialty wood products for niche markets like Japan, where their Zairi and mass timber line includes cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated timber and glulam beams. In January of 2020, they established a Japan Sales Office located in Yokohama, selling industry leading traditional Japanese housing components and specialty products direct to customers throughout Japan.

Finalists in this category included Artron Labs and BE Power Equipment.

Professional Services

Top Flight provides Advanced Helicopter Pilot Training services to Military, Police, Government, Commercial and Private operators from around the world. Their core services include day and night vision goggle mountain courses, search and rescue, long line/vertical reference, helicopter type emergencies and fire fighting training. Top Flight has been recognized throughout the world as an elite training provider and has grown their export business to include thousands of foreign Military, Police and Government Pilots from around the world.

The finalists were MTU Maintenance Canada and Condan Communications.

Advancing Technology & Innovation

Global Relay’s technology services were purpose-built to address the global finance industry’s stringent compliance recordkeeping, supervision, and messaging requirements. Global Relay Archive provides financial services firms with a centralized, tamperproof repository for all their eComms and trade data with tools designed to facilitate data monitoring, supervision, analysis, and retrieval. Global Relay Message is an integrated instant messaging and text messaging platform that enables collaboration across the finance industry. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Global Relay serves customers from offices in eight different cities, including major financial centres such as New York, London, and Chicago.

Quadrogen Power and Enwave Corp were the finalists. Global Relay also won Exporter of the Year.

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