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A Healthy Economy Attracts Foreign Investors

December 13, 2019

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British Columbia may seem like a well-kept secret, but savvy investors are enjoying its many business advantages.

Why foreign investors choose B.C. is no mystery. International businesses face significant pressures when selecting a location for oversees operations. In an era of global uncertainty, rising trade tensions and forecasts for economic volatility, B.C. offers a stable, and world-class business environment.

B.C. has a reputation for its business friendly environment, with one of the world’s most open trading economies, a welcoming and supportive government, dependable legal system, competitive business costs and a corporate tax rate that is one of the most competitive amongst G7 countries.

The province benefits from a prime location and global access to Asia-Pacific and North America. British Columbia also has a solid reputation for having a highly educated, multi-lingual and innovative workforce, abundant natural resources and an incredible quality of life that earned the City of Vancouver the title as the third most livable city in the world. However, it’s B.C.’s diverse, healthy economy and balanced budget that make the province a desirable investment location and an economic leader in Canada.

In October 2019, S&P confirmed B.C.’s triple-A rating stating that “The province’s economy is also a perennial outperformer domestically, with prospects that are better than those of most peers.” B.C. is the only Canadian province with a triple-A credit rating from all international credit rating agencies (S&P, Moody’s and Fitch Group).

B.C.’s high credit rating means the Province has lower debt-servicing costs, allowing for more money to go toward investments. S&P’s report describes B.C. as having a diverse and “wealthy economy” with an ambitious capital plan including investments in assets such as transportation infrastructure.

B.C. is one of the Pacific region’s most competitive and dynamic business locations offering investors unlimited potential and an investment environment that will continue to enjoy above-average economic growth.

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