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B.C. Company Expands to Philippines

May 15, 2019

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Acuva Technologies, located in Burnaby, British Columbia, is a world leader in designing and manufacturing advanced UV-LED water purification technologies. In a partnership with the University of British Columbia, Acuva developed its proprietary technology that purifies drinking water with disinfection rates of 99% or higher. Not only does this set a high health and safety standard, but the company’s customizable aspects can adapt this technology into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices.

In March 2019, Acuva announced its new partnership with Kooler Industries, the Philippine’s largest manufacturer and distributor of drinking fountains since 1972. Kooler Industries is the leader in leasing drinking fountains in the Philippines with units located in schools, factories, restaurants, shopping malls and country clubs.

Trade and Invest BC representatives provided support to Acuva by providing market information about the Philippines and discussing the significant potential of their UV-LED water purification solution in certain segments of the population, such as the residential market. Once the partnership with Kooler Industries was confirmed, Trade and Invest BC provided assistance to develop market awareness.

The B.C. trade and investment representative in the Philippines recommended that Acuva officially announce the UV-LED water purification system partnership during the Water Philippines Conference and Expo and helped organize the product launch in Manila. This included organizing the program flow, securing media attendance and inviting the Canadian Ambassador to deliver welcome remarks.

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