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B.C. Seafood Expo

British Columbia’s fresh and diverse seafood products took centre stage at the B.C. Seafood Expo in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island earlier this month.

The B.C. Seafood Expo ran from June 12-13, 2019, in conjunction with the B.C. Seafood Festival, an annual event that has now become the largest seafood festival in Western Canada.  The expo brings together seafood buyers, aquaculture experts, industry leaders and government representatives to showcase the diverse offerings of B.C’s seafood industry.

The two-day expo featured several local trade show exhibitors, guest speakers from the industry and provided a venue to meet and network while sampling B.C. seafood dishes masterfully created by some of British Columbia’s top culinary artists.

This year’s expo also brought together the largest international buyers delegation ever seen at the event. The B.C. Trade and Invest team played an integral role in coordinating the delegation, working with organizers to bring in buyers from Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, USA and several Eastern European countries. These buyers were accompanied by team members from B.C.’s international trade offices specializing in the agrifoods sector. The delegation learned about B.C.’s seafood industry and connected with suppliers thorough business-to-business meetings.

British Columbia’s agrifoods and seafood sectors are some of the most diverse in Canada, with more than 500 exported agrifoods commodities and almost 200 different seafood products exported around the world.

British Columbia’s prime fishing grounds, world-famous salmon-rearing rivers and pristine ocean farming areas produce a rich and varied harvest of finfish, groundfish and shellfish. The province is also home to a variety of marine plants and has six species of fish approved to display the Marine Stewardship Council label: halibut, hake, albacore tuna, sockeye salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon.

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