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Clean Technology Sector Resilience

Green COVID-19 economic recovery is a hot topic around the globe. Government policy during economic recovery and post-crisis will shape the economy and the climate for years to come. However, can we tackle climate change and a sound economic recovery from COVID-19?
CleanBC is British Columbia’s program to create a strong, more sustainable future. Along with actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, CleanBC provides a practical blueprint for building our economy. CleanBC also will be central to the province’s economic recovery as we come out of COVID-19.

British Columbia’s Clean Tech Sector

British Columbia offers clean, reliable hydro electricity at some of the lowest rates in North America and is pushing towards even better energy solutions. Post-secondary research in clean energy science is supported by government initiatives, as is engineering and technology entrepreneurship, clean transportation and electric vehicle policy and adoption.

B.C. clean technology companies are at the forefront of green innovation in renewable energy; energy management and storage; carbon capture, storage and utilization; clean transportation technology; water and waste resource management; green buildings; and clean technology for agriculture. World-class companies are located here, including Awesense, Carbon Engineering, Ballard Power Systems, Corvus Energy, General Fusion, MineSense, Powertech Labs and others.

B.C.’s clean technology sector is export-oriented and diversified across a range of markets, including power generation, transportation, oil and gas, mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. In the few years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, B.C.’s clean technology sector experienced impressive growth and strengthened its position as a leader of clean technology innovation and investment. B.C. companies continue to provide well-paying jobs for British Columbians while making valued contributions to the sustainability and quality of life around the world.

Resilient and Adaptable Clean Tech Companies Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Vancouver clean technology company Portable Electric provides clean power to critical, life-saving medical devices in the COVID-19 relief effort. A single VOLTstack is capable of powering multiple ventilators for 24-hours. VOLTstack power stations are robust, silent, fast charging and solar capable. VOLTstacks deliver instant mobile instant power to temporary triage centres, pop-up clinics and mobile testing facilities.

Terramera is helping feed the world by fusing science, nature and artificial intelligence to transform how food is grown and the economics of agriculture. Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. Terramera’s green chemistry technology can reduce the use of global synthetic chemical in agriculture. The proprietary Actigate technology was recognized in April as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company. Terramera is also leading a collaborative research effort with Microsoft and the University of British Columbia, using computational models, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and combat future mutants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Clean Tech Companies Finding Success At-home and Abroad in 2020

B.C.’s Corvus Energy is an industry pioneer, accelerating the adoption of clean energy storage systems in maritime applications. Corvus Energy is a leading manufacturer of battery power and energy storage systems to ferries. Its innovative battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) systems are integral to hybrid marine systems, optimizing energy consumption and emissions while providing a rapid return on investment. In February 2020, Damen Shipyards Group in Bergen, Norway, selected Corvus Energy to supply the ESS for the new battery-hybrid ferries for BC Ferries. The advanced clean marine technology uses a low sulphur diesel generator to power a battery hybrid system. Corvus Energy will also help move Denmark’s ferry transport to zero emissions. Hvide Sande Shipyard – Steel and Service selected Corvus Energy to supply the ESS for a new fully electric ferry operated by Molslinjen, the largest domestic ferry company in Denmark.

Carbon Engineering, a Squamish based clean energy company, is pioneering technology that removes or reuses carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Recognized in June 2020 by the World Economic Forum as the most promising Technology Pioneer of 2020, Carbon Engineering broke ground in early June on its Direct Air Capture Innovation Centre in Squamish. Carbon Engineering is an excellent example of the CleanBC plan in action.

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all parts of the global economy. Resilient and adaptable B.C. clean tech companies are delivering solutions that enable businesses, industry and communities to contribute to the low-carbon goals of the Province while at the same time contributing to a safe economic restart.

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