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New Quantum Algorithms Institute

October 28, 2019

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Quantum computing holds a very bright future because of its ability to solve complex problems that are currently beyond the capabilities of a traditional computer.

To harness B.C.’s growing global reputation as a leader in quantum computing, a new Quantum Algorithms Institute is being established at Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus. The institute is part of the B.C. government’s vision to promote the City of Surrey as a second Lower Mainland downtown and to build an innovation corridor that will drive economic
growth and create good jobs and opportunity for people in Surrey and the Fraser Valley.

The City of Surrey, located in the Greater Vancouver area, has been growing rapidly over the past decade. Investment in the new Quantum Algorithms Institute will be a key component of attracting talent and companies that will cluster and grow in the innovation corridor. Other benefits include the lower cost of living for staff and the availability of industrial land.

The B.C. government is providing $17 million over five years to help establish the new institute, which will focus on training students and building quantum computing software and algorithms that are focussed on real world problems.

B.C. is already home to notable quantum computing companies. D-Wave Systems has developed commercial computers for companies such Lockheed Martin and NASA. Vancouver software developer 1QBit has attracted international investment and signed collaboration agreements with high-profile corporations such as Dow, Fujitsu and Accenture. Several global companies with a strong presence in B.C.–such as Fujitsu, IBM and Microsoft—are also active participants.

The institute will work with universities and companies throughout B.C. to position the province as a world leader in the field of quantum computing. Research is currently being done by not only SFU, but also by the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria.

Research and training facilitated by the institute will focus on applying quantum computing to real world problems and will be attractive to companies worldwide. The institute will provide an opportunity to access a world-class pool of talent and expertise so that industry can explore the application of quantum computing to business problems. The work of the institute’s members is also expected to create new companies and investment opportunities as the research moves towards commercial uses in supply chain logistics, medical research, advanced design and materials testing.

B.C. has a lot to offer as a great place to invest and do business. Specifically, our expertise in quantum computing is world leading and we’ll be investing and working collaboratively to grow this dynamic area of the economy. Stay current with the amazing work being accomplished in British Columbia by connecting with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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