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North Coast, British Columbia

The North Coast is located by the North Pacific Ocean and covers the northern coastal areas of the province. Its easy access to outdoor pursuits, wildlife, relaxed lifestyle, and growing economy enhance the quality of life in this region. Historically, commercial fishing, logging, and mining have been very important to the North Coast economy. The area is home to mills, manufacturing facilities, and hydro projects and has become an emerging hot spot for cultural and ecotourism. It is ideally situated for wind and tidal power generation, and the nutrient-rich waters are an ideal location for shellfish aquaculture.

Prince Rupert Port and Mountain

Regional Advantages

Cargo ship in Prince Rupert.

The 14-mile harbour in Prince Rupert is the deepest harbour in North America and the third-deepest natural ice-free harbour in the world.

Shipping port and transportation

Well developed rail, road and port infrastructure supports the movement of goods and services from British Columbia to North American and Asian markets.

Mine in BC

The “golden triangle” is home to some of the world’s largest and richest gold, silver and copper mineral deposits.

Skeena Industrial Development Park

The Skeena Industrial Development Park comprises 1,187 acres near Terrace’s regional airport to further strengthen the area as a hub for Northwest B.C.


With a population of 59,000 people spread over nearly 20,000 square kilometres, the North Coast region offers space for a wide range of lifestyles. Key cities include Prince Rupert, a gateway for Asia-Pacific trade, and Terrace, a service hub in the region, which provide opportunities that attract industries, tourists, and businesses. Prince Rupert is a welcoming and affordable place, with state-of-the-art transportation, abundant natural resources, and countless business development opportunities related to port development. Terrace is well positioned to take advantage of the major developments in mining, green energy and LNG, making it the location of choice for established businesses and entrepreneurs. Find out more about economic opportunities in this region:

Economic Development Organizations


There are 23 First Nation communities in the North Coast region, with a population of 35,299, making up nearly 63% of the region’s population. First Nations play a large economic role in the North Coast region as both project proponents and stakeholders, developing and advocating for socially and environmentally prudent projects with the goal of improving quality of life in the region.

Economic Development Associations

Educational Institutions

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is a research-intensive public university with a campus in Terrace.

Coast Mountain College is an accredited post-secondary institution that serves the rich and diverse communities and learners of B.C.’s beautiful Northwest region.

Connect With A Regional Expert

Regional experts can help familiarize you with the amenities, infrastructure, and opportunities in each region. They can introduce you to the economic development offices and industry associations that will support the integration of your business into the province.