About Trade and Invest British Columbia

Trade and Invest B.C. works with international enterprises to help them build strong links to the resources, skills and businesses that make British Columbia an attractive place to work and invest.
We help international companies invest in British Columbia, one of North America's most competitive and dynamic business environments. Strategically located at the commercial crossroads between the Asia-Pacific region and North America, British Columbia is Canada's Pacific Rim province. Companies in British Columbia benefit from competitive taxes and operating costs, stable labour conditions, and an exceptional multicultural work force that is well educated, highly skilled, and productive.

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We support international organizations who want to do business with British Columbia’s innovative and competitive manufacturers and service providers. We help them discover how they can profit from our world-class goods and services in clean technology, life sciences, digital media and film production, as well as tourism, education, forestry and mining.

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We offer assistance to export-ready firms in British Columbia through local support and our network of trade and investment offices around the world. We create and strengthen business contacts through industry-specific trade missions – along with virtual trade missions – each year.

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Our Team

We have a dedicated team of trade and investment professionals in British Columbia, as well as a network of international Trade and Investment Representatives based in China, Japan, Korea, SE Asia, India, Europe and the United States. Contact these experts for a single point of contact on business questions, including:

Services for investors

  • Strategic support to analyze and implement investment decisions
  • Detailed information about our economic and business conditions
  • Assistance in establishing new enterprises
  • Tours, introductions and events to help investors make connections and evaluate opportunities
  • The Major Investments Office, providing personalized services to support major project proposals

Services for buyers

  • Connecting international buyers of British Columbia products and services with qualified suppliers
  • Trade missions and events to bring British Columbia suppliers to international buyers

Services for exporters

  • International market intelligence and trade leads
  • Market strategies and advice
  • Contacts to an extensive network of international industry, government, and community influencers and partners
  • Trade missions, events, seminars and training to introduce exporters to world markets

Whether you want to invest in British Columbia, purchase the services or products we offer, or bring British Columbia business to the international market, we can assist you. 

Our British Columbia team is based at the World Trade Centre, located at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver.
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We also have offices around the world.
Connect with Trade and Investment Representatives in Asia, Europe and the United States.