How British Columbia Helps Boost Canadian Clean Tech Sector

How British Columbia Helps Boost Canadian Clean Tech Sector

Recent efforts to increase funding and investment into Canada’s clean tech sector have paid dividends: the sector has climbed to fourth in the world and first in the G20 according to the 2017 Global Cleantech Innovation Index. British Columbia’s specialties in the industry, including green power generation, energy efficiency, transportation, and industrial processes that create green benefits, have won worldwide recognition.

B.C.’s clean tech sector includes over 270 clean technology firms as well as research and educational institutions which offer a range of expertise in the field. B.C. companies have developed ground-breaking fuel cell innovations, leading-edge bio-energy products, world-class utility programs in energy conservation and efficiency, and advanced building design and construction technologies. The financial and environmental benefits of British Columbia’s clean technology projects are drawing worldwide attention from global giants such as Daimler, Exxon Mobil, and Wenchai Power.

Clean transportation options such as electric, fuel cell and natural gas engines have attracted global investors, and those focused on electric vehicles also benefit from advances in smart measurement as well as an abundance of renewable energy resources. While some clean tech innovation focuses on improving efficiency of hydro power, others work to ensure continued wetland habitats and access to have potable water. Commercial technologies produced in B.C. turn wastewater and solid waste into pristine drinking water, clean energy and valuable, marketable materials.

The province already meets well over 90% of electricity needs through clean or renewable sources, and further advances are being explored with the rich potential of wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal and river energy resources. This allows companies based out of British Columbia to boast renewable energy consumption at low costs.

B.C.’s clean tech sector is growing as expertise grows, the talent pool deepens and adoption accelerates. The global market is expected to grow to $3 trillion per year by 2020 and B.C. companies are setting the bar with products that outperform the competition by being less expensive, more efficient and cleaner.

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