Major Chinese Fiber Optic Manufacturer Chooses Vancouver for North American Headquarters

Major Chinese Fiber Optic Manufacturer Chooses Vancouver for North American Headquarters

May 1, 2015 Posted by

Minister of International Trade, Teresa Wat, helps welcome F-Pacific to Vancouver

China’s F-Pacific Optical Communications announced on May 1, 2015 that it will establish its North American headquarters in downtown Vancouver.

F-Pacific is the Canadian subsidiary of China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd. (CFONSG), China’s largest manufacturer of fiber optic connectors. F-Pacific is the world leader in ceramic ferrule manufacturing, using patented Japanese technology. It is the only company able to manufacture these ceramic ferrule blanks, which are universally used in the expanding fiber optic market. Mr. Zhao Bing, Group Chairman and CEO of CFONSG was in Vancouver for the announcement, along with Ms. Bei Nie, the Vancouver-based CEO of F-Pacific.

Drawn to Canada’s west coast by competitive electricity costs, the excellent air quality needed for manufacturing sensitive components, and strong intellectual property laws, F-Pacific first began operations in British Columbia in June 2014, setting up a small manufacturing plant in Richmond where ferrule blanks are produced for export back to China. In February 2015, the company opened a second B.C. facility in Surrey.

HQ Vancouver, a partnership between the Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia and Business Council of British Columbia focused on expansion opportunities for major Asian companies into North America, worked with CFONSG to help bring F-Pacific’s new regional office to Vancouver. Mr. Yuen Pau Woo, President of HQ Vancouver, said: “F-Pacific’s announcement is a testament to British Columbia’s many advantages as a home for global business. In addition to a competitive tax regime, skilled workforce, and unparalleled access to Asia, the province offers an environment of low energy costs and excellent air quality that are essential for fiber optic manufacturing. We congratulate China Fiber Optic Network System Group on their choice of Vancouver as a platform for North American business expansion, and look forward to supporting their growth in years to come.”

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