East China (Shanghai)

Our office in Shanghai opened in 2007 to represent British Columbia in China’s main financial centre and biggest market. Shanghai, the world’s largest city, is a key influencer in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport.

Our Shanghai team has developed an extensive network of connections in  the East China region, covering Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan and Hubei.  We help British Columbia companies connect with Chinese investors and buyers, and actively  seek out business opportunities in natural resources (coal and forestry), LNG, clean technology, agrifoods, film and new media, international education, transportation and ICT.  The Shanghai team plays an important role in bilateral trade and investment by offering business climate information, strategic support, start-up assistance, site tours and supplier introductions. 


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Shanghai Trade and Investment Representatives

Kevin Tsui
Managing Director, East China

Specialist in:

- Resources
- Advanced Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Transportation
- Knowledge Industries

Vivian Xie

Specialist in:

- Resources
- Infrastructure
- Film & TV

Wendy Hu
Program Manager, Trade and Investment

Specialist in:

- Cleantech and Green Economy
- Life Sciences

Jessie Gao
Education Marketing Manager

Specialist in:

- Education
- Consumer Products

Muqing Huang
Business Development Manager

Specialist in:

- Information Communications and Technologies
- Infrastructure and Transportation
- Finance

Leo Qiu
Program Assistant

Specialist in:

- East China program support and assistance
- Agrifood

British Columbia Trade and Investment Representative office services in Shanghai are provided by Ho Hing Consultancy Inc.