Europe (London)

British Columbia's Trade and Investment Representative office in London is the centre for our programs throughout Europe.

Europe's multi-faceted economy continues to present many opportunities for trade and partnership in key sectors. These include resources, biomass and green technologies, information and communication technologies, life sciences, and education.

Rely on our London office to help you network and capitalize on shared business opportunities.

Contact our Trade and Investment Representative office in Europe.

Our team in Europe welcomes your inquiries.


Europe Trade and Investment Representative Office

Rupert Potter
Managing Director


Graham Hilton
Sector Specialist

Specialist in:

Natural Resources
Renewable Energy

Rhoda Campbell
Sector Specialist

Specialist in:

Information and Communications Technologies

Laetitia Macdougall
Investment and Trade Specialist, Europe

Specialist in:
All sectors

Richie SantosDiaz
Investment and Trade Specialist- Europe

Specialist in:

Agrifood and Agriculture
Clean Technology
​Creative Industries


British Columbia Trade and Investment Representative office services in Europe are provided by Articulate International Ltd.