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Atomhawk Expanding its Studio in B.C.

Atomhawk Design is an art studio that services the gaming industry, founded in Newcastle, United Kingdom, in 2009. It is established as one of the original and leading external art development partners. In 2017, Atomhawk decided to open a studio in Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.). This move provided access to new clients, as well as access to B.C.’s talent pool and market.

This year, Atomhawk is expanding its team in Vancouver, B.C. to 20 staff and has successfully delivered projects for companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, and Zynga. Their United Kingdom and Canadian teams have worked on many well-known projects, such as PUBG (ranked mode), Mortal Kombat 11 (animation), and FIFA 20.

Prior to opening a studio in B.C., Atomhawk had visited Vancouver on an annual basis to attend XDS, an international games industry event hosted by Electronic Arts. British Columbia appealed to the company as a great place for its employees to live and work. A key pillar of the company is that they do not enforce overtime which allows the staff to have an excellent work/life balance and aligns with the atmosphere of the province. Atomhawk also partners with a wide variety of international clients and identified that it would be beneficial to work in similar time zones to Vancouver’s.

Trade and Invest BC supported Atomhawk when they first established their presence in Vancouver, and has continued to support them through their decision to grow their studio in B.C. Our Trade and Investment Representatives in Europe identified their needs and provided useful market intelligence such as operation and lease information, and innovation funding details. The support and responsiveness have created a positive experience for Atomhawk expanding in B.C.

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