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B.C. Paint Company Expands Horizons


Cloverdale Paint, the largest privately owned and family-run paint manufacturing company in Canada has come a long way since its humble beginnings on a farm in Cloverdale, British Columbia (B.C.), 91 years ago. Today it stands as one of North America’s largest regional manufacturers and sellers of paint products and coatings. The company’s success is attributed to a combination of skilled technicians, dedicated chemists, modern manufacturing equipment and a commitment to using the best available ingredients to produce quality products that cater to the diverse needs of professional and industrial customers.

One of Cloverdale Paint’s notable achievements is the development of Ecologic Waterborne enamels, designed specifically for the architectural and industrial marketplace. Their technologically advanced products exemplify the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Additionally, Cloverdale Paint has expanded its product range through strategic acquisitions, including Rodda Paint Company, Guertin Coatings Ltd., Allcolour Paint and Serif Coatings, allowing them to diversity and enhance their architectural and industrial offerings.

With a focus on exceeding performance requirements in variable climates, Cloverdale Paint manufactures millions of gallons of paint annually. Their product range spans air dry and bake enamels for the original equipment manufacturer market to specialized coatings for the B.C. forest industry. Operating large industrial branches, contractor depots and do-it-yourself stores, Cloverdale Paint ensures accessibility to high-quality, factory-direct products for projects of any scale.

Expanding to China

The partnership with Trade and Invest BC has played a pivotal role in establishing the company’s presence in the Chinese market. The Trade and Invest BC China office organized various events, including green building activities and exhibitions in key cities such as Chengdu, Haikou, Nanchang, Beijing, Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong. These events not only provided Cloverdale Paint with wider exposure in China but also facilitated crucial connections with industry partners and potential projects. For example, engaging with the Chengdu Survey and Design Association and the Galaxy Entertainment Group in Macau have laid a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Major Partnership

Cloverdale Paint forged a valuable partnership with Guangdong Eacoon Chairman Yang Peikai through the introductions made by Trade and Investment Representatives in China. This partnership resulted in a significant order for 7,000 gallons of water-based paints and established Guangdong Eacoon as a vital distributor for Cloverdale Paint in the South China region.

Group photo of four people standing in front of the Cloverdale Paint sign
Second to left is Guangdong Eacoon Chairman Yang Peikai standing with his wife, friend, and far right is Cloverdale Paint representative, Michael Sun.

A landmark moment in this venture was the visit of Guangdong Eacoon President Yang Peikai to Cloverdale’s factory in North Surrey, B.C. in July 2023, which was arranged by Trade and Invest BC China office. This marked the first time Guangdong Eacoon imported a B.C. product, showcasing the global appeal of Cloverdale Paint’s offerings. President Yang Peikai’s visit not only solidified existing partnerships but also opened doors for future collaborations.

Cloverdale’s Paint’s journey from a farm in Cloverdale, B.C. to becoming a global paint industry giant is marked by innovation, dedication to quality and strategic expansion. Their collaboration with Trade and Invest BC has not only propelled them into the Chinese market but has also paved a way for a promising future of growth and global partnerships. As Cloverdale Paint continues to make progress in the paint industry, its story serves as an inspiration for other B.C. businesses aspiring to expand their horizons on the international stage.

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