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Global firm establishes Canadian operations in B.C.

FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (FTXT global group) recently celebrated the establishment of its first facility in North America, located in North Vancouver.  The company is building on the success of the hydrogen fuel cell sector that already exists in British Columbia, where several international companies have opened or expanded facilities.

This facility is the home of FTXT (Canada) Energy Technology Co. Ltd. which is responsible for advanced fuel cell stack technology development for the FTXT global group.  The North Vancouver location joins an international team of more than 1,000 individuals located around the globe including Canada, China, Germany and Japan.

The FTXT Canada facility is more than 5,000 square feet with a research lab, showroom, office area and staff area. The research lab is equipped with two fume hoods, one sub-scale test station, sub-scale plate embossing process equipment, equipment for plate and Membrane Electrode Assembly materials research, Computer Numerical Control machine, 3-D printer, screen printer and dispensing machine for plate sealing, vacuum ovens, press, assembly fixture and other diagnostic tools. There are currently more than 20 employees at the FTXT Canada location, with more anticipated.

Having just officially opened the facility in August, FTXT Canada is already in the process of looking for a second facility in the Greater Vancouver area to further expand its operation.  FTXT Canada received strong support from Trade and Invest British Columbia (TIBC) and Invest in Canada.  TIBC continues to support FTXT Canada on its expansion plan.

Parent company, FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2019 after three years of development, by Great Wall Holding Group, with a capital of $70 million USD.  In the three years since, FTXT has grown rapidly, opening branches worldwide to become an internationally competitive high-tech enterprise, focused on developing market-oriented hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The company’s goal is to bring internationally competitive hydrogen fuel cell products to market including high performance membrane electrodes, high power density stacks, high efficiency fuel cell engines, high pressure on-board hydrogen storage tanks and more.

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