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Revolutionizing Underwater Search and Rescue

The underwater search and rescue operations has witnessed a ground-breaking advancement with VodaSafe’s AquaEye technology, catapulting the British Columbia-based company into the spotlight. Using advanced sonar technology, AquaEye emits sound waves into the water, which then bounce off objects and return as echoes. The device’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms analyze these echoes to detect and identify potential targets. With its recent successful rescue mission in Indonesia, where AquaEye has revolutionized underwater operations, VodaSafe is expanding its presence across the Southeast Asian region. Vancouver’s own VodaSafe is a leading provider of handheld water rescue devices and has established an impressive reputation in the industry. Known for their expertise in developing cutting-edge products, VodaSafe has made significant strides in the underwater search and rescue domain with their flagship device, AquaEye.

AquaEye is an innovative, handheld, intelligent sonar device designed to assist fire rescue, lifeguard, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams in locating individuals in the water Notably, AquaEye is specifically programmed to prioritize and search for people, making it a valuable tool for saving lives. VodaSafe’s AquaEye technology has completely changed how search and rescue operations are done in Indonesia. Deployed nation-wide by the Indonesia Search and Rescue Agency, also known as BASARNAS, AquaEye has demonstrated its effectiveness in locating individuals underwater.

Impressed by AquaEye’s efficiency, BASARNAS presented the technology to the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, during a joint work meeting in February 2023. They recognized its pivotal role in enhancing rescue operations. Inspired by its success in Indonesia, VodaSafe is now focused on expanding their footprint to other ASEAN markets. The company has received significant interest from Vietnam, the Philippines Singapore, and Thailand, demonstrate the growing need for AquaEye in these regions.

Picture of AquaEye the advanced underwater scanner

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