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B.C. Cherries and Blueberries Sweeten Seoul’s Streets

About the Pop-up

British Columbia (B.C.), renowned for its delicious cherries and blueberries, made a delightful debut in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, through a pop-up shop. This captivating three-day event, held from August 23 to 26, 2023, was organized by the Trade and Invest BC Korea Office, in collaboration with the BC Cherry Association and the BC Blueberry Council. The pop-up shop was decorated with trees and bushes, symbolizing the beautiful cherry and blueberry farms of B.C.

Fruit display of the pop-up showing the Canadian flag, blueberries, and cherries in fruit boxes with red and blue balloons matching the red and blue décor.
B.C. fruit display outside the pop-up shop.

Sweet Success

The event, which promoted B.C. cherries and blueberries, drew an impressive crowd of over 1,000 enthusiastic attendees, whose excitement lit up the venue with a flurry of camera clicks and social media activity. Visitors eagerly shared their experiences using popular hashtags like #CanadaBCCherry and #CanadaBCBlueberry, while savouring the tasty fruit from British Columbia.

These fruit enthusiasts not only enjoyed B.C.’s cherries and blueberries, but also decorated the pop-up’s trees and bushes with positive hand-written reviews on fruit-shaped paper. One visitor marveled, “These cherries taste so fresh, as if they just arrived from Canada,” while another chimed in, “The sweetness of Canadian cherries and blueberries is simply unmatched.”

Cherry shaped notes stuck to leaves of a tree.
Positive reviews on fruit-shaped paper.

The event’s buzz rippled through the online world, thanks to the power of viral marketing, with over 300 social media posts highlighting the event. The successful event even attracted media coverage from several mainstream Korean outlets, and around 2,300 views, to further solidify the international love of B.C.’s beloved fruits.

This initiative was fueled by the goal to promote B.C. fruits in the local Korean market, catering to the rising demand for health-conscious choices, sustainable farming practices and fruits nurtured in pristine natural settings.

Several people standing in a line waiting to taste blueberries and cherries inside the pop-up show.
Pop-up visitors waiting to taste B.C. cherries and blueberries.

High-quality Fruit

B.C. farmers stand out for their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Employing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, these growers safeguard their crops while preserving the untouched natural surroundings. The result of their dedication is nothing short of extraordinary: consistently yielding high-quality fruit.

When it comes to B.C. cherries, the harvest season begins in early June in the South Okanagan. As the summer unfolds, cherries are meticulously harvested by hand, considering factors like variety, location and altitude. This meticulous process reaches its peak at the start of August in the North Okanagan and Creston Valley, allowing our growers to offer some of the freshest cherries in the northern hemisphere.

Ninety-five percent of all Canadian cherries are proudly grown in British Columbia. Similarly, British Columbia is the largest producer of highbush blueberries in Canada, with 90% of production concentrated in the province.

Cherries and blueberries are two of British Columbia’s premier fruit exports, with blueberries ranking as one of the province’s leading agricultural products. Mirroring the seasonal growth pattern of B.C. cherries, blueberries flourish from July through September. Remarkably versatile, they can be expertly packaged fresh, preserved through freezing or transformed into an array of processed products, ensuring their availability for year-round distribution.

For more information on how to import or export B.C. fruits, contact our trade and investment representatives.


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