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BQE Water Advances Sustainable Gold Mining in China

BQE Water Inc., a British Columbia (B.C.)-based water management leader, secured a contract with Shandong Gold Mining for a groundbreaking Sulphidisation, Acidification, Recycling and Thickening (SART) plant in Shandong Province, China.

BQE Water Secures Double Victory at the 2023 BC Export Awards (CNW Group/BQE Water Inc.)The contract includes the design, construction and operation of a SART plant with the goal of increasing mineral reclamation and lessening environmental impacts. The project currently is in construction phase and is expected to begin operations in late 2024.

This plant will be the third BQE Water SART plant in Shandong Province. The first two successful ventures were initiated in 2019 and are now operational with ongoing support from BQE Water.

BQE Water also recently won top honours at the 2023 BC Export Awards, securing both the BC Exporter of the Year award and the Clean Technology award. This recognition affirms BQE Water’s position as an industry leader for innovative wastewater treatment solutions to the global mining sector.

BQE Water’s Two-Part Project with Shandong Gold

The latest SART plant project with Shandong Gold Mining involves two phases:

  • Phase 1: engineering design, procurement, construction, plant commissioning and start-up.
  • Phase 2: onsite operations support services, including a BQE Water expert stationed on-site.Inside a BQE Water SART Plant

The strategic move by Shandong Gold with BQE Water aligns with the increased global emphasis on environmentally responsible and socially acceptable mining practices.

The SART process technology from BQE Water has garnered global attention, particularly in China, where the industry is increasingly focused on adopting practices for carbon footprint reduction. This technology results in cost savings and reduces environmental impacts associated with gold mining.

“The SART project for Shandong Gold further solidifies BQE’s leading position in the best waste management practice for the gold mining & refining sectors in China”, stated Songlin Ye, BQE’s VP of Asia, “We are pleased to have such an opportunity that can showcase Canadian cleantech to global mining sustainability”.

Trade and Invest BC’s Decade-Long Commitment to BQE Water’s Success

BQE Water’s venture with Shandong Gold is not just a technological advancement but a testament to the enduring success achieved through strategic partnerships and support from Trade and Invest BC’s China office.

Outside a BQE Water SART PlantTrade and Invest BC actively engages in fostering industrial collaborations with BC exporters. This includes supporting and facilitating the evolution of BQE Water’s operations in China for the past decade, starting with the initial joint venture with Jiangxi Copper.

Support for BQE Water has included market intelligence and guidance, as well as the organization of meetings, site visits and a joint visit with the Trade and Invest BC export team. Further, the Trade and Invest BC China team supported with introductions and contract negotiations. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in advancing the progress of the SART plant project with Shandong Gold.

As BQE Water prepares to begin operations at the plant later in 2024, Trade and Invest BC continues its dedicated support, fostering these significant industrial collaborations.

Interested in exploring similar collaborations or learning more about B.C.’s expertise in the mining sector? Connect with Trade and Invest BC to learn more.

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