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British Columbia Offers World-Class Security Solutions

British Columbia (B.C.) stands out as a hot spot for technology companies pioneering cutting-edge security, identity, risk and compliance solutions.

In today’s digital age, where new technologies drive innovation and growth, safeguarding data and digital infrastructure is more critical than ever. As the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats escalate and new regulatory compliance demands for data protection heighten, all organizations need to prioritize and invest in cybersecurity. Demand for security measures to fully unlock the potential of digitization, combat fraud and enhance efficiencies is thriving and will only grow in the foreseeable future.

B.C. is leading the transition of groundbreaking scientific discoveries to practical real-world applications. B.C. has the highest growth rate of technology jobs in North America, and the sector includes AI, internet of things (IoT), robotics, biotech and clean tech. It also offers advanced and cutting-edge security solutions to help protect personal privacy, safety and build public confidence in the new digital reality.

B.C. company solutions encompass a variety of technology product firms and service firms, from incident response (IR) to digital forensic (DF), risk management, and boutique consultancies ready for virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) engagements globally.

INNOVATEwest booth for Canadian Technology AcceleratorsA Flourishing Innovation Hub

British Columbia’s competitive edge stems from its world-class talent of security leaders, experts and companies dedicated to solving problems and addressing business risks.

North of Silicon Valley and Seattle, B.C. has a creative and collaborative tech culture. B.C. has quickly grown into a thriving innovation hotspot, with more than 11,000 tech companies, and is the birthplace of the one-way quantum computer and home to the Quantum Algorithms Institute. Tech giants such as Amazon, Salesforce, Samsung and Microsoft have a large presence in B.C., while leading international cybersecurity players including Fortinet, Splunk, IBM and the Mastercard’s Global Intelligence and Cyber Center of Excellence also anchor B.C. as a global centre for cyber security innovation.

Title page of the B.C. Cybersecurity Company Export DirectoryDiscover B.C.’s Cybersecurity Leaders

Remarkable B.C. companies are bringing forward their frontier technologies, cutting-edge innovation and first-class service in the cybersecurity sector.

The B.C. Information Security and Cybersecurity Capabilities – Export Directory highlights British Columbia’s market-ready solutions in the information security domain, showcasing the province’s capabilities for global opportunities. The directory includes a diverse range of security products and service offerings across the entire incidence response cycle for a wide variety of customers from enterprises and military to small businesses.

Global Launch of B.C.’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Recently unveiled at the CyberConnect reception at the INNOVATEwest 2024 conference on April 16, 2024, B.C.’s cybersecurity solutions garnered attention from tech, enterprise and corporate leaders. This included Eureka DevSecOps, a B.C. cybersecurity company, which was a finalist in the “Grizzly Pursuit” pitch contest and B.C.’s INETCO sponsored cybersecurity keynote and panel discussion.

Group photo of B.C. cybersecurity companies leadershipTrade and Invest BC facilitated networking opportunities with industry partners including the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, technology accelerators and others in B.C.’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Trade and Invest BC’s mission is to support economic development by helping organizations find and growth opportunity. Through events like INNOVATEwest, the European Cybersecurity Roadshow and ATxSG (Asia Tech x Singapore), Trade and Invest BC promotes B.C.’s cybersecurity sector to global buyers, distributors, partners and investors.

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